UA madonna

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In this evocative portrayal, a mother, adorned in the Ukrainian attire, cradles her newborn child. The infant emits a soft, ethereal light, symbolising the radiant potential and purity inherent in every new life. The juxtaposition of earthly fabrics with the celestial glow of the child creates a visual dialogue between the earthly and the divine.

The child, bathed in this divine light, becomes a potent symbol of the rebirth of a new Ukraine—a nation resolute in its pursuit of peace, freedom, and prosperity. Their presence embodies the hope, strength, and resilience of a nation that has weathered war storms and emerged with an unwavering spirit.

In recognition of the enduring strength of the Ukrainian people, particularly the children who have faced the hardships of this insane war, all of the proceeds from the sale of this artwork will be dedicated to a foundation Voices of Children providing support and care for Ukrainian children who have suffered during the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

“UA Madonna” stands as a luminous testament to the timeless bond between mother and child, rendered through the lens of Ukrainian tradition and illuminated by the artist’s unique style. This painting encapsulates the essence of maternal love and the profound connection between generations, transcending cultural boundaries.

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